When I went to Real Estate School, I expected like you probably do, that I would learn real estate practices and how to be a REALTOR.  WRONG!

I soon found out that the school was designed to teach you how to pass the test that allow you to be licensed.  There are two sections to the test:

  2. STATE

the test will include questions regarding the laws that pertain to each.  When you test, if you don’t pass one or the other, you can re-test (for a fee) just the section you failed.  You can re-test as many times as it takes you to pass.

The problem is that they don’t tell you what questions you missed so you need to study the whole section AND they will give you a different test than the one you already took.

Most people are under the impression and fear that there is a lot of math in the test.  Don’t despair, the math is minimal; see my post on passing the math portion of the real estate test.  


Online or Classroom ?

I personally favor the classroom style learning environment.  This allows you to hear questions posed by others and ask questions yourself.  It goes much quicker and you could have your license in 60 days.  I went to school after I worked a full time day job; I was fortunate that they offered day and evening classes.

Online is great for doing it when you have the time; the class  is in modules.  The student has six months to finish which is way too long.

I’ve found that doing it online, unless you are a disciplined individual with a desire to finish fast, students drag the process out.

This isn’t good because you forget what you’ve learned and testing becomes more anxiety ridden.

Then What?

Once you finish the school then you take the test. Then after you pass the test you are required  (in the State of MO) to take another 24 hour online course (no test afterwards) designed to give you a little detail on some real estate practices.  To view a flow chart of the process and approximate fee’s involved see my  STEP BY STEP TO BECOMING A REALTOR

To find out more about Real Estate School, fee’s and schedules go to REAL ESTATE EXPRESS by click on the link below. 

Real Estate Education


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