June 2016 Housing Statistics

Homes are selling at the fastest rate since 2007, but sales could be 16010354684_53d15959a6_beven higher
if not for the ongoing lack of inventory in many markets, notes Jonathan Smoke, realtor.com®’s chief economist, in his latest column.

According to Smoke, Forty percent of buyers surveyed by realtor.com® in June said their number one obstacle in purchasing a home was finding one that met their needs.

There are 13 percent more consumers looking to purchase a home this summer compared to last summer, and there are 5 percent fewer homes for sale. Low inventory and fast home sales indicate a seller’s market, however, sellers are struggling to find a home to purchase.  Some home owners say they aren’t willing to risk selling their current home without having a new one under contract.

“Sales typically peak in June or July, but this year might turn out to be an exception,” Smoke says. “With low mortgage rates, continued evidence of strong demand, and an increasing number of both buyers and sellers just starting to explore, we could have an extended peak.”

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What Survey Coverage Do I Need?

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8 neighborhood features to stay away from when investing

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May 2016 housing statistics

You’ll get a pretty good feel for the market by checking out the graphic charts with housing statistics comparing 2016 month to month  with 2015.  Prices are on the rise,  and homes selling fast, a great time to sell.  I’ve provided the reports according to county to make it easy for you to check out […]

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If You Build it, They Will Come!

When reading the economic update in our monthly REALTOR magazine I was amused when NAR chief economist, Lawrence Yun, quoted a line from the movie Field of Dreams  ,” If you build it they will come”.  Yun was referring to the need for more new construction homes and pondering the WHY we don’t see more builders taking […]

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Why a “Spot” Isn’t Really a “Survey”

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Virtual Reality a game changer for the future of real estate

Very Cool stuff  is happening  in the world of technology as it concerns Virtual Reality and the real estate industry.  The 3D virtual reality headset is used to walk potential buyers through a home without stepping a foot into the property. The same technology that has been used in the gaming industry is now finding potential for […]

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2 Major Consequences of the Continued Housing Shortage

According to Lawrence Yun, NAR’s (National Association of Realtors) chief economist,  there is a nation wide shortage of homes to the tune of 3 million units!  That explains the fact that rental vacancies are falling ( rents rose 6% nationwide the highest in 7 years, troubling because that is 3 times the annual wage growth) […]

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5 Steps to Insure Your Home Loan Goes Smooth

1. Your first step is to get a Pre Approval from a trustworthy, reputable lender. A lender referral from your Real Estate agent, friends and family are a great way to place yourself in the hands of a qualified mortgage professional. It is not all about trying to get the lowest rate. It is also […]

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The 5 Most Viewed Homes On Trulia Under $300,000

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